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At About Cash, our commitment extends beyond just check-to-cash and title loan services. We understand that sometimes, life’s complexities require a broader range of financial solutions. That’s why we’ve expanded our offerings to cater to an array of needs, ensuring that you always have a trusted partner to turn to.

Money Orders

Are you looking for a safer alternative to carrying cash or using personal checks? Money orders offer a reliable way to make payments without worries. Convenient and secure, money orders from About Cash are a trusted method for transactions, whether it’s paying bills or sending money.

Notary Service

From legal documents to important business contracts, having a notarized signature is crucial for authenticity. At About Cash, our notary professionals ensure that your documents are signed in accordance with legal standards, adding an extra layer of protection and trust to your vital agreements.

NetSpend Debit Cards

Available Exclusively at Our Odessa Locations

Cashless transactions are the way forward, and with our NetSpend Debit Cards, you have the power of convenient digital payments in your pocket. Whether you’re shopping online or at a local store, these cards provide a flexible payment solution. Plus, with their prepaid nature, you can better manage and monitor your expenses.

Texas Lottery Location

Feeling lucky? About Cash is an official Texas Lottery location. Dive into the excitement of lottery games and who knows? Your next purchase might just be the golden ticket to a brighter future!

Additionally, when cashing checks or selling gold and silver at About Cash, you will get free lottery tickets to use and redeem at one of our locations. 

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Your financial needs are diverse, and so are our solutions. From securing payments to notarizing crucial documents, from embracing cashless convenience to testing your luck – About Cash is always by your side. Trust in our expertise and let us assist you every step of the way.