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Need a check cashed?

We cash all kinds of checks— payroll, insurance, tax return, retirement, business and more!! We have a friendly staff who is dedicated to making sure you get FAST service and we give FREE LOTTERY TICKETS to every check casher!!

How it Works….

Just bring in the check and your Driver License/ID,  and we will do the rest!!  If you have other supporting documentation that you believe would be helpful for verification purposes, please bring it in too!  Once you are in our system, you can be in and out with future checks in minutes!!


Easy as 1-2-3

1: Visit an AboutCash location with your photo ID and the check you want to cash.
2: Fill out our Customer Application Form.
3: You will receive your check funds after your check has been processed and verified.




We immediately call for the police and prosecute on ALL FRAUD CHECKS!!!!  If you did not legitimately earn the check, do not attempt to cash it here!!